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Eucerin Spotless Brightening Booster Serum 30ml.

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Facial serum for skin care, sun spots, dark spots, superior with microtarget technology.

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Eucerin Spotless Brightening Booster Serum 30ml.

Eucerin Spotless Brightening Booster Serum 30ml.

Serum for skin care for melasma, sun, dark spots, superior with micro-target technology (MICRO TARGET) combining power
THIAMIDOL & PURE HYALURON FOR BEST PERFORMANCE Deep sun blemishes can be reduced by as much as 75%, the skin looks radiant.
Full, full, bouncing face, glowing in 2 weeks

The latest facial serum combines 2 concentrated serum powers in a new packaging that stores serums separately. to maintain freshness provide maximum efficiency
Each time you use Thiamidol concentrate in a golden pink tube. Reduce the problem of deep sun blemishes. and dark spots at the root 10 times better without causing
Skin susceptible to dark spots And helps reduce recurrence Pure Hyaluron concentrated in a white tube Helps to restore full nourishment in every dimension
Reveal brighter skin. Glowing in 2 weeks, serum texture has a light touch, not greasy, absorbed faster. Reduce deep sun spots, dark spots
up to 75% of freckles and does not make the skin susceptible to dark spots or recurrence Restores and nourishes the skin to be smooth, radiant and gentle to the skin.
No irritation, blemishes, freckles, dark spots are constantly reduced when used regularly. Proven by real users satisfied with the results.
Challenge you to try.

Proven by skin specialists.

Clinical tests show good results for all skin types.

medical proof

  • 97% The product helps adjust the skin tone to be smooth and consistent
  • 100% The product helps brighten the skin.
  • 97% The product helps reduce sunburn, freckles, dark spots.
  • 95% The product helps reduce the occurrence of sunburn, freckles and dark spots.
  • 89% The product helps reduce sunburn, freckles, dark spots to fade away.

How to use

  • Use facial serum daily in the morning and evening. Before applying the product, you should clean your face thoroughly.
    Before applying the serum onto the skin and gently spreading it over the entire face. before posting other skincare items
  • Gives even better results when used in conjunction with Spotless Brightening Day Fluid
  • Avoid applying the area around the eyes.


  1. Thiamidol™-containing products should be used up to 4 times a day.
  2. Read the instructions carefully and follow them strictly.
  3. If used and in doubt consult a doctor or Eucerin Specialist for more advice
  4. Using cosmetic products with sun protection is only one way to reduce the risk of sun exposure.



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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 4.6 × 4.5 × 12.5 cm


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